The Pension Integrity Project at Reason Foundation offers pro-bono consulting to public officials and other stakeholders to help them design and implement pension reforms that improve plan solvency and promote retirement security.

What We Do for Policymakers and Pension Plan Stakeholders —
  • Customized analysis of pension system design, trends, and fiscal trajectory
  • Independent actuarial modeling of reform scenarios
  • Assistance with stakeholder outreach, engagement and relationship management
  • Design and execution of public education programs and media campaigns
  • In-depth case studies on jurisdictions that have adopted reforms with highlights on key lessons learned
  • Peer-to-peer mentoring from state and local officials who have successfully enacted reforms

Why We Do It —
  • We believe that public sector retirement systems should work for all public employees and taxpayers. Affordable retirement plans with transparent and accountable management are necessary to support all aspects of good governance generally. States, cities, and counties will increasingly struggle to provide public services unless they are able to adopt financially sustainable retirement benefits.

Objectives of Pension Reform —
  • Keeping Promises: Ensure the ability to pay 100% of the benefits earned and accrued by active workers and retirees
  • Retirement Security: Provide retirement security for all current and future employees
  • Predictability: Stabilize contribution rates for the long-term
  • Risk Reduction: Reduce pension system exposure to financial risk and market volatility
  • Affordability: Reduce long-term costs for employers/taxpayers and employees
  • Attractive Benefits: Ensure the ability to recruit 21st Century employees
  • Good Governance: Adopt best practices for board organization, investment management, and financial reporting

About Reason Foundation —

Reason Foundation is a national 501(c)(3) public policy research and education organization with expertise across a range of policy areas, including public sector pensions, transportation, infrastructure, education, and criminal justice. For more information about Reason’s Pension Integrity Project, visit

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